All the preschool kids bring in gift bags for the class for their birthdays. (I guess it’s the modern, expensive version of cupcakes, since we’re not allowed to bring in food. Frankly, sugary treats would be easier.)

We’d been planning a coloring book about Claire, but mid-day on Sunday (when Henry had already produced five coloring pages with no sign of flagging, and I was facing double-sided printing x 20, plus covers and curlicue ribbon, and the whole project kept escalating and escalating….) I called it. No personalized coloring books designed by her family with love. So today, a full day AFTER her birthday, I went to the craft store and bought pinwheels and stickers…

Anyway I made cards with FOUR stickers, and if the other kids in the class are anything like Claire, they’ll recognize her name and the number four and be able to get the jist (plus stickers!).

We have a whole bucket of festivity.

(Shar, hope you recognize the bucket and ribbon!! Still going strong!!)

My goals were that Claire would feel like a rock star passing them out and they wouldn’t cost a zillion dollars per child. (It ended up being about $2, but this was the “throwing money at the problem” solution and I’m unrepentant because we’re only inviting four girls to Claire’s party instead of the class standard of all 20 kids. QED, by relativism.)

And most important of all, they wouldn’t cause the other parents to focus all their energy on ill-wishing us. (I’m looking at you, parents who dish out whistles, recorders, whistling bouncy balls, and Huge Amounts of Candy.)

And on the plus side, they’re very sparkly stickers, and very spin-y pinwheels. I hope the kids love them, it is the appropriate amount of fanfare for Claire being four, and Claire is pleased. :-)


Claire has been asking and asking for kneesocks over the last few months so we got a bunch for her birthday. I thought it was a Claire fashion quirk (and to be fair, she’s worn four of them in 28 hours) but discovered this morning that she really just wants to play soccer.

Mic drop.

Thanks, Claire. Think I might start looking at soccer lessons…*

* I do recognize that 4 year olds playing soccer are mostly just an exercise in running as a herd, but I think that’s what Claire is desiring, esp if she can shine in shin guards. At this stage of the game, she’s a pack animal at heart. :-)